Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Swap Night!

For those of you who weren't aware last Tuesday was the second anniversary of our group. We have had a fantastic two years and despite a change of home we are still going strong. We have our bi annual challenges, our annual charity, we go on our first group trip in less than two weeks and we even have our own newsletter. The trip away is to celebrate our two years. However, we didn't want to the actual night to go past unnoticed. So we had our own swap night. An event Helen suggested quite a while ago. Everyone brought along unwanted stash in the hopes that someone would find use for it and in return find something for themselves. We actually had a huge range of items. We had yarn, knitting needles, books, cross stitch kits, long stitch kits, magazines and more.Magdalena used it as an opportunity to rid herself of a rather large collection of double knit yarn (these were just the single balls). A lot of members of the group picked them up to knit squares for our charity.

A few people took the opportunity to pick up something in a craft they had never tried before. Isabel decided to have a go at cross stitch. She was able to pick up some kits and magazines and then Laura sat down with her to show her how to do it. Most items went away to a new home. The little which was left went with Roberta to the charity shop she works in.

Tuesday also saw a new issue of our very own newsletter, The Natterer, published by Ginnie. This months issue had details of the sock knitting class Ginnie will be giving on our weekend away. It also had a funny piece by Helen, a book review by Laura and a great article on craft groups by Janette. If you haven't got your copy be sure to pick it up next time. You can see some of the ladies enjoying their read whilst their knitting has been forgotten about.

We also had a few finishes. Elaine answered Donna's call for help and knitted a gorgeous premature hooded jacket and trouser set. I also knitted some hats and bootees.

Alison also had quite a few finishes for us. Normally a cross stitcher Alison recently picked up knitting to create these lovely scarves. She is blaming her neighbour, Roberta, for dragging her into a charity shop which just happened to sell yarn.

Lastly, if you check out our flickr page you will notice that it actually has been updated.


dawnmarieg said...

And I missedit. Booooooohoooo

Karen said...

I promise there will be a next time. x